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Innovative state of the art athlete recruiting toolsgeared to players and coaches. Cutting edge technology helps you avoid the pitfalls or inabilities of other web sites and services.

If you are a senior, time is short. Start now!

107,000+ Scholarships a year, each worth up to $250,000.
38,465 in football
664 schools
24 sports

With eScout4u contact any or all NCAA (D1, D2, D3), NAIA and NJCAA colleges.

The broader you cast the net the better chances you have...

Be persistent if you really want a scholarship.

We offer personal consultation.


FACT: You can't get a scholarship from someone who doesn't know you exist.

Get access to our 33,776 verified college contacts nationwide.

We are here to help guide you through the collegiate athletic scholarship process.  Coaches for different sports (football, soccer, baseball, basketball, wrestling, softball, track and field, cheer and dance, hockey, golf, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, swimming and diving, and gymnastics scholarships) will want to see different skills. For example, if you are trying to go for a baseball scholarship and a football scholarship at the same time you must address college coaches accordingly by sport.  To succeed you must learn and understand recruiting requirements to increase your odds of getting an athletic scholarship.  
Create your college scholarship recruiting profile and start learning.

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Access information and tips to help you through the recruiting process including; why you shouldn't concentrate all your scholarship recruiting efforts only on top division one colleges. The competition is brutal; hundreds of student athletes are competing for the same positions. Recruiters will choose the best fit while doing their position planning.

When it comes to scholarships, the dollars available at NCAA D1, D2, D3, NAIA and NJCAA are huge. Schedule an evaluation, find out what you need to know about the college recruiting and scouting process.

A Student-athlete's goal should be to find a college that offers the best athletic scholarship and academic programs. Learn the best steps and methods to promote yourself on a national basis.  Scholarship scouting and recruiting begins as early as your freshman year. Both parents and athletes can get started on their collegiate sports plan with our recruiting checklist.

What questions need to be asked of a college coach?  For example…position planning, financial aid, and how do the academics stack up at a particular college?

eScout4u has contacts to thousands of coaches.

What is a student athletic scholarship worth in dollars, education, chance to advance to the next level, and glory?

Do not waitWhen should I start?

It is not too early as a Freshman and not too late as a Senior. But know this.. more...

Best chances are right up to signing day. However, do not quit on signing day if not signed as things happen to players over the summer.

During this recruitment process, coaches will strive to find the best fit for their school or program while following the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA amateur athletics recruiting rules.  Collegiate sports recruiting doesn't start on signing day.  It depends on the sport, but it is always months away from when it ends which is the moment the recruit arrives on campus. 

eScout4u makes it easy for you to personally contact college coaches and for the college coaches to easily contact YOU!  Online athletic scouting that is designed to fit your needs, while offering FREE student-athletic profiling that you can update with no hidden gimmicks.  We also offer many ways to increase your odds of getting a scholarship.

Build your FREE Recruiting Profile to get started.

Do not waitHow can we help you?

We have features and tools you can't or won’t get elsewhere. more...

eScout4u has a step-by-step system to help make the player and parent self-sufficient in their collegiate scholarship endeavor. The big word is "You", not others.

From your home computer you can control when and where you eMail your Web Page Profile™, or generated letters (you print on your printer) to coaches. All by our You Pick Search™. Most important, when a coach gets your email it shows you as the sender, even though we send the emails. You pick, we send.

With eScout4u you do not just put your information out there with the hopes a coach will find you. We also allow you to be proactive by contacting the coaches that you select directly via email or letters. With our You Pick Search™ you can search coaches by division, conference and in football by position and email them your personal Web Page Profile as if you where sending it directly from you personal email account.

Smart email reminders are sent to you via your personalized eScout4u Scoreboard™ of tasks needing completion, crucial updated information and important dates.

We put an emphasis on parents starting as early as possible especially in student academics.

There are more features so start now by creating your FREE Recruiting Profile.

LinksA must read for everyone.

We are your source for current important scholarship information including eligibility requirements, financial aid and other links. more...

Share your storyShare your sports story

Whether you are a current or former athlete, parent, coach or fan, we know you have a story others would like to hear. more...

We notice that when people start talking about their recruiting stories that others are all ears. Share your story so our young athletes and parents can gain valuable experience.

The bond between athletes are lasting and always a topic of conversation between those who are playing and those who have demonstrated their abilities in the past.

We know you can help, email your story.


Think about ...Have you thought about...?

Time to think about your future. more...

What sport do you want to play in college?   (multi-sport athletics)

What college or university are you interested in?

How do those college coaches know you are interested in their program?

What is the best athletic and or academic scholarship available for the potential college bound student-athlete?

eScout4u can help you get the answers to these questions and more!

Coaches are always lookingWhat are college coaches looking for?

During the collegiate sports recruiting process the college coaches strive to find the best fit for their programs, but you as a potential student- athlete should more...

strive to find the college program that best fits your financial aid needs and academic interests!

As a potential student-athlete you have to sell yourself to the college programs.  You have to market yourself to as many programs as you can! 

Market yourself nationally. Coaches seem to show more interest when other colleges are trying to get you. Leverage everything you can.

Sign up and eScout4u will show you how to promote your talent to any or all schools with a unique step by step process..

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