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Don't wait! Start today, you will need all the time you can get.

Don't make the mistake most others do and wait until its too late. You need to start the process right now, even if your son or daughter is a freshman. Also, right up there on the same scale of importance as athletic skills are NCAA, NAIA eligibility and ACT scores- do not overlook these areas.

Come back to this page from time to time as it will be updated often. If you discover something to the contrary please contact us so we can update this page.

As a potential student-athlete you have to sell yourself to the college programs.  You have to market yourself to as many programs as you can!  Sign up at eScout4u for FREE national exposure. Also, we will show you how to promote your talent to any or all schools using email. Check out the highlight video and YouTube® tips. 

Important Dates

ACT SAT and Letter of Intent dates


These two factors are a must to do well in if you want your son or daughter to get a scholarship to a D1 or a D2 college. If you do not know your student's GPA currently, contact the school counselor. The combination of GPA and ACT is part of the NCAA and NAIA standards.

Visit the ACT web site for more information, including test dates and places. Kaplan has a web site dedicated to those who need help studying for the ACT test.

NCAA Eligibility

If you are graduating in 2013 make sure you know the new rules.

August 1st, 2016 Eligibility rule changes, click here to read.

The single most important document is the NCAA Guide for the Student-Bound Student Athlete, go to the NCAA eligibilty center, after you enter select Resources on the menu then select High School Students as a good place to start reading.

There is no way your son/daughter can play D1 or D2 without registering and qualifying with the NCAA. Pay particular attention to what high school students need to do to be eligible to compete their Freshman year in college, as well as, guidelines that coaches and prospective student-athletes must follow during the recruiting process including Important Recruiting Rules and Key dates located in the back of the Guide. The table will show when and how coaches can call, email or send letters by sport, division and high school class.

*NEW NAIA Eligibility

Watch this video. In 2010 the NAIA started their eligibility center. A must see for the 2011-2012 candidates or after. Quick look for eligibility requirements. See FAQ. Transfer information.


Football Scholarships

This is just a quick summation. Grade point average is just as important if not more so than skills on the field. Grades, proper diet, speed training, agility and strength training need to start now. We've watched other players think they were so good they could continue without any changes. The facts are Bad grades No Play. However, don't rule out Community Colleges scholarships if grades are low and the benefits are great. .

Don't let this be your story.

My son was an NCAA D2 qualifier. D2 schools sponsored official visits (this is where they pay for the trip) and flat told him he had the skills they wanted but the grades were a little lower than others. He is an All-state player yet still lost on the GPA front. He gained a valuable lesson the hard way, but when he went back to school his grades climbed and now he is in for some serious play time. Know your GPA and tell them when asked. Every college will get a high school or junior college transcript before they offer a scholarship.

D1 may be nice but your athlete will probably get more playing time with a D2 or Junior College unless they are a phenomenal athlete.

Many D1 and D2 scholarships can pay for everything. This could be worth a $100,000.00 or more.

Junior College's (by NJCAA rules) can only pay book and tuition, but this ride could very well go toward getting another Scholarship from a D1, D2, NAIA college.

Other Financial Aid Resources on the web

If you can add to this list please email the information and we will add it to help others.
Federal school codes (used to complete the FAFSA.GOV)
Financial Aid search through the web
Free college scholarship search
Free college scholarship search
Free college scholarship search
ESA Foundation scholarships
Financial Aid information page
American Indian College Fund provides funding and assistance
Lists links with information on additional sources of funding for Native Americans
   United Negro College Fund
   America’s Black Collegians web site
Minority scholarship links
   Lists outside scholarships for Hispanics
International Education Financial Aid
Provides a free searchable database of scholarships for international students
Web site for students going into the healthcare field
Visit the General Casualty web site for program guidelines and to download an application. Application deadline is February 17.
Details for this $1,000 scholarship can be found at . The deadline for this scholarship is February 28.
Senator Robert J. Dole Public Service Scholarship Program
Are you a 2009 graduating high school senior with a gpa of 3.0 or higher and plan on attending a full-time undergraduate course of study at a regents’ university, if so, you are invited to apply for the Senator Robert J. Dole Public Service Scholarship Program at
Kansas Junior Golf Scholarship
The Kansas Golf Foundation will award five scholarships for 2009-10. This is an academic scholarship but a student must have participated in junior golf activities, including high school golf. Scholarship details and a downloadable application form are available at - click on “Kansas Golf Foundation” and follow the links for “Scholarships”.
B. Davis Scholarship  Please visit the following web site at to apply for a $1,000 scholarship. The deadline is May 30, 2009.

Pittsburg State University
Pittsburg State University campus-wide and departmental scholarships have an application deadline of February 1. Students may submit a scholarship application on-line at To apply for admission at Pittsburg State, please go on-line and apply at

AXA Achievement Scholarship
Go to  to learn more about all of AXA scholarship opportunities.
The KFC Colonel’s Scholars Program was created to assist students with financial need who plan to pursue a bachelor’s degree at a public institution within their legal state of residence. Students complete their application online at The online application will be available from December 1, 2008 through February 10, 2009.  
Kansas Masonic Foundation Student Loan/Scholarship Program
Low-interest loans are available each year from the Kansas Masonic Foundation to Kansas residents attending a Kansas institution of higher learning as full-time students. If you wish to receive more information about the Student Loan Program, please contact: Kansas Masonic Foundation, Inc.  PO Box 1217  Topeka, KS 66601-1217  E-mail:

The American Legion
Please check the counseling office for various scholarship opportunities offered by the American Legion.
U.S. Bank will again award up to thirty $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors. Students may apply online.



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