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Do I have to register with the NCAA, NAIA or NJCAA?

Yes, these are three distinct organizations and each has their own set of eligibility requirements.

You should register at both if you are unsure as a student-athlete whether you would like to play in the NCAA group of colleges, at a NAIA college or even at your local community college.

NAIA registration and eligibility

You should visit the NAIA website to register at Watch this video. In 2010 the NAIA started their eligibility center. Quick look for eligibility requirements. See FAQ. or get Transfer information.

NAIA registration and eligibility

and visit the NCAA to register at


and visit the NJCAA (community / junior college) to register at


Make sure you read and understand the eligibility rules while at each site.

Also, meet with your high school counselor often. They have work sheets to help guide you throughout high school so you stay on track.

ACT, SAT test dates and NLI (national letter of intent) siging dates

Part of the eligibilty requirements are the ACT or SAT test. Make sure you take them over and over to better your test scores. A better score may give you the edge if a coach hgas a hard time deciding between you and another athlete.

Don't think for a second that waiting a month or two before the National Letter of Intent (NLI) signing date before you start contacting coaches during the recruiting process is going to be good for you. START EARLY!!!! Take a few minutes, create your free profile at eScout4u here.

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